Hello, 2017

Spent my new year with TV5’s #GameTayoSa2017 New Year Countdown. As an introvert, a concert ground–moshpit would probably be the last place you’d see me but I went there for Offroad (A Korean boygroup). It was really tiring but it was worth seeing them that close, and seeing them happy to see Oasis.

(My eyes were glued on Daewon though).

I spent the first day of 2017 with my friend, then my relatives. 

Day 2 was productive–I studied Norwegian for a bit and bonded with my cousins. 

Day 3 was a sudden family day. Skated for the first time in almost a year, I think. Last night, I learned the difference between a lose shoe and tight laces. I thought it was slippery due to the water  but it wasn’t at all with my blades perpendicular to the ice. My legs are still tired from all the tension due to my fear of falling.

 After that, we ate at this Japanese restaurant which mom suggested. 

For today, I should review or study and be productive to ward off any possible anxiety. 

2017 is a year of change. I’m letting go of almost everything from 2016 and the years prior to it. 


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