A Polyglot-Wannabe

Hello, I am frustratedkouhai from Duolingo and Memrise.

I started college as a biochemistry major, but 4 years later found myself in the college of fine arts as a painting major. In Fine Arts, I envied my blockmates who had nothing but passion for arts. That time, I also got to take Persian, French, Russian and Latin classes (which were not credited, since we didn’t need language courses in fine arts).

I entered Fine Arts in 2014 and did my best in all of my plates despite my non-existent skills. In 2015, I decided to drop all language-related studies (specially Korean, which had been the main language I’ve been studying).

I regretted letting go of Korean. Everyone who was behind me was now better than me, and so I decided to start studying Korean seriously, again (which I am still trying to do).

I found out about Nick Farmer, a hyperpolyglot and met a classmate who loves languages as much as (or more than) I do.

So now, with this blog, I have decided to keep track of my progress and make sure to post regularly (a long with my regular studies).


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