Pursuing Latin? I want to be a Latin teacher! 


I saw a guide online and I am leaving it here on my blog so I can get back to it easily. 

The feeling has passed, but 3 days ago, I finally checked my grades and I got MY VERY FIRST UNO in my entire 6-year stay in UP so far. 

The feeling has passed due to the fact that the truth about me being unable to remember most of what I studied has sunk. I might have gotten a 1 but will I remember all that I’ve learned?

Today in my interviews, I was asked about my career plans. We only have one person in the Latin department of our school and I would like to be the next Latin teacher. Of course this means graduating–which I should. 

Anyway, I am keen on this whole Latin retention and I will definitely finish our book and learn the classics slowly. 


Uncertainty + Latin Grades

Hey guys! Latin 10 Class grades just came out and I got a 2.5! In the Philippines, 1 is the highest with 3 as the passing grade.

I actually missed a lot of class which is why my professor said he’d expect a 3 from me although I might get a 4 (there is a need to retake the test or class). I studied so hard for the exam even if it was all pointless given the university would be kicking me out anyway… 

I actually got the 2nd highest score in the final exam which makes me REALLY HAPPY and accomplished. The person who got a higher score than me took 2 years of Latin yet I was just 6 points behind him hehe. 

Nevertheless, I’m 95% certain that the school won’t let me continue to stay in the university… I’d have to transfer and start all over again and spending 11 years in college is… such an exhausting experience.

Moreover, my dad might not be able to support me until graduation–it might be better to just work. Afterall I’ve already spent 6 years in college. 

Uncertainty aside, I’ve been studying Cliffs Quick Review for Spanish I. I just finished reading til Chapter 6.

My life seems to be going nowhere but I’d feel more lost without doing anything.